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5 Little Known Advantages of Owning a Good Shower Head In Your Bathroom

There’s no question that uniquely designed gadgets have invaded our homes. The tools that we see on TV that looks very appealing as they convincingly make our lives better. From tools that allow us to prepare sushi from home, fruit slicers that save us a lot of fruit instead of its skin, and the gadgets that provide multi-purposes.

Installing an excellent quality shower head in your bathroom has several advantages you may obtain. It does not only make you feel sophisticated compared to bathing from a pail and a dipper but also gives you a total bathing escapade. Granted, that some people know about a few of the advantage, and most are unaware concerning these features that necessitate a person to decide on a shower head.


#1: Savings on water and energy bill
Relaxing and calming, there are times that we just want to let it all out during showers. However, how loosening it may sound but the average 5-minute shower takes 15-25 gallons of water-- around 40 gallons are used in 10 minutes. So why not enjoy the long showers and not worry about it afterward?

Modern showerhead conserves more water than the average size pipe working nonstop for the same period of time as stated by studies conducted. With this, it is proven that a modern shower head may conserve up to 30-40% or even more. It lessens the speed of water and makes it spread out evenly. Thus, this gives you a magnificent bathing experience that allows water to fall all over your body keeping you drenched the skin so that your body is invigorated. You do save on energy bill too. This is because the less water you consume due to showerhead the lesser water is needed to pump into your overhead tank.

#2: User-friendly
One of the features you look for in a gadget is if it is easy to work with or is what you call “user-friendly”. You are buying the product simply because it offers you a great deal of comfort and convenience. No one wants to actually spend hours figuring out on how to make the product work. Ideally, if there would be any instructions we do hope it’s as easy as 123.

Manufacturers of water-saving shower heads know that people want ease of installation, so they make designs which are simple to get up and running. Most water-saving shower heads are quite easy to install. In some cases, all that owners need to do is remove old shower heads and then screw the new, water-saving designs into place.

#3: Highly developed and substantial
We usually associate simplicity to either it’s cheaply done or it's sophisticated that’s why it needs to be combined with durability as well. As no matter how we think the product is helpful but it ends right in the trash after a few months then we're wasting our money on that product.

While you save hot water and lower your monthly power bills you will be able to enjoy a futuristic designer style, as today’s manufacturers are creating extraordinary attractive showerheads of this type. It is safe to say that the world’s authority in bathroom installation design offers some truly remarkable water-saving shower heads. Some are quite sculptural and many are crafted from fine materials. You won’t need to give up style in order to access energy savings.

#4: Converts chlorinated water and hard pressure
We usually see shower heads as "shower heads" something that water passes through. But hey! We want to move on from what is usual and start tapping new possibilities. Choose something not only cleanses you but also cleans the water you use. The particles purify and filter your bathing water from bacteria and peculiar smell, good to your health.

If you use a superior showerhead with an extra fitting called the filter then your bathing experience would be even more desirable and safer as far as everyone in your family's well-being is concerned. Some but not all modern showerheads with built-in water filters is recommended as the water may be hard or too chlorinated as both can be disastrous for your health over a period of time. There are a number of filters that do not allow water to burst out straight away but transforms them by lessening their speed. This way you elude both hard water and chlorinated water to fall on your body harboring dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

#5: Turbocharged and Therapeutic pressure
We typically ask, "Will this fit for me? We have very low water pressure which I doubt won't make it as effective as it should be." Most shower heads depend its function on the water pressure because it's most likely to be unproductive and a waste.

Specifically, using a quality shower head may give your body full tranquility and allow blood to flow evenly. Not only the rainwater type of shower head give you a rejuvenating experience. Again, some make the water to fall slowly wash off, hydromassage, fizzling, and a fusion of one or more of these to provide you a total therapeutic experience.


Be attentive to brand reputation. It’s easy to look for brands online and it’s comforting to know that you’ll be buying your shower heads from a manufacturer with a strong and reassuring business reputation. You will be ready to find a water-saving shower head online again, now that you have the exclusive story on the advantages of owning a good shower head are smart buys.

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