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4 Ways To Take A Relaxing Shower

Showering is an awesome approach to loosen up and a very wonderful ordeal, yet essentially we acknowledge it a chance to keep up our cleanliness and guarantee that we smell nice and are free dirt that could some way or another cause infection. Be that as it may, trust it or not showers have numerous a bigger number of asset than this and can likewise trigger a scope of important hormonal and substance changes in our body and help to advance general great comfort.


Showers become our habit as a hygienic procedure, but if you explore with jets of water, becomes an effective mode for relaxation. It can do wonders.

Charcot shower against depression was invented more than 150 years ago by the French psychotherapist. The good doctor said that when the powerful jets massage the body from a distance of three to five meters, all the muscles come in tone, the body relaxes, depression, weakness, sleepless disappear, mood and mental activity improve.

“I think showering is mostly for aesthetic reasons,” says Dr. Elaine Larson, an infectious disease expert and associate dean for research at Columbia University School of Nursing. “People think they’re showering for hygiene or to be cleaner, but bacteriologically, that’s not the case.” (Heid, 2016)  Click here to view the top shower head of 2017 

A hot bath can also stimulate circulation and cell movement, and the water pressure helps to relieve organs, enabling us to relax more easily. Sally Hill, a complementary health practitioner and expert in flotation bath therapy, thinks the NHS could help to manage many common conditions more effectively with bath therapy. (Gordon, 2002)

During the Victorian age, the "cold water cure" - prescribing a cold bath as a painkiller - was widely used. Darwin is reported to have used this method to help his insomnia. "After about three minutes in a cold bath, people actually start to relax, which is why it was often used by people who found it hard to sleep," says Dr Harcup. (Gordon, 2002)

 A once a week "home spa" session sound like a normal thing to do but you'd be surprised with so many health benefits available!

 A warm bubble bath, if hot enough, it may produce sweat to remove toxins from the body naturally increases blood circulation, providing nourishment to any damaged tissue. In addition, it encourages deep muscle relaxation to ease cramps, prevent tension headaches and improve muscle elasticity. An extra loofah on the side to slough away dead skin cells will leave you with soft glowing skin. Don't forget to moisturize after to eradicate any patches of dry or itchy skin. (Gray, 2016)

Apparently, some options may not be readily available due to certain circumstances, you may at least level up your experience. Get the most convenient and user friendly shower head that has all the qualities for that you are looking forward to a relaxing shower.  Click here to view the top shower head of 2017 

"These really makes my skin and hair feel livelier," says researchers at Home-Eden, "because there are mineral deposits being filtered and surely chlorine is one of them, they promote better overall body condition.

The products come in a semi-transparent travel and storage box, and is made by Eco-friendly ABS material. The original Shower Experience is available in white or blue with matching white, red, or and black filtered stones. Whatever mood you have, this shower head works.

The shower head costs $19.99 each and sold only on their website.


And this product is not just for women who are concerned about hair and skin problems. "The Shower Experience is the combination of a revolution and innovation showering," researchers at Home Eden says. "Bathroom companies are constantly adding more metals, more holes, more 'weight'; we are not including them in one."

"We are the only company that is health conscious, not sales conscious." says researchers from Home Eden, who thinks that many people just think that since showering has become a routine it is only god for aesthetic reasons and to just socially accepted smells nice while not taking into consideration of their health.

"Using regular shower heads may cause a lot of health conditions we are not aware of possibly from happening which may lead to deterioration not only of the hair and skin but may also affect our respiratory system due to inhalation of too much harmful chemicals." says researchers at Home Eden. "If you use a shower head with filters, and with variety of pressures, the overall physical appearance will positively change drastically and improve health concerns.

Researchers at Home Eden saw a health problem caused by regular shower head, yet 90% of people still continues to use them daily despite of the health risks. "Because everybody uses them" and "because I feel we are already used to them" are the top reasons why people go for the usual shower heads.

"We believe that everyone should be enjoy clean water and get that much deserved massage even if they are in their homes. People don’t need to spend “more” to get that satisfying feeling of being pampered once in a while" says Home Eden.

"We help people in all ages be health conscious and become healthier by using shower heads with filters, and then slowly help them transit to a stressful life". Click here to view the top shower head of 2017


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