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5 Secrets to Naturally Beautiful Hair

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, a thought we’d love to believe all the time. Common sense and even scientific evidence tells us that an appealing appearance, good health, and hygiene positively have impact in our lives. Beauty self-esteem is an outcome of which our sense of attractiveness is strongly connected to confidence.

So let’s talk hair! So if you want those immaculate blonde, brunettes, ginger, black hair or maybe you just want a healthy one. Our tips may just be for you.


Tip #1: Make Lifestyle Changes

What you eat shows on your skin and hair! Possibly the easiest change to make to benefit your hair is simply drinking more water! For health concerns it’s always best to consult to your doctor first, but you may consider taking iron, vitamin D, zinc, and B-spectrum vitamins. When you get the go signal from the pros, try to exercise several times a week as it works to stimulate your scalp which by the way is primarily responsible for your hair growth. And, eat healthily, start filling up your diet with greens, fresh fruit, fish, and nuts. Good food supplies your hair follicles the needed nutrients for a luscious and full looking strands hair.

Tip #2: Trim Regularly

Trim your hair half an inch to an inch every three-to four months to keep it looking healthy. Dead, dry, or split ends can’t be repaired, a thinking behind which it is best to get rid of them to be taken care of. It may sound weird, but it’s actually your secret weapon if you want to grow a long and healthy hair. If you decide to use a conditioner, rinse it with cold water to seal the cuticle and let the shine come through. Click here to view the top shower head of 2017 

Tip #3: Avoid hair products overkill

Perming or bleaching will destroy your hair, making it thin and dry. Styling products weigh your hair down and can create an insane amount of buildup overtime. If you can’t avoid them, you may use a clarifier (Apple Cider Vinegar) once a week to remove the product build up.

Tip #4: Do not brush your hair excessively

We all have heard of the famous advice to brush our hair hundreds of time a day, but too much is not always good for us as this can actually cause breakage, reduce shine, and more split ends! In addition, avoid using a brush when your hair is still wet. Use a wide-toothed combs to help fight split ends which also contributes to loss of hair shine

Tip #5: Avoid/ Remove too much chlorine in water

The last tip which seems intuitive but not that obvious afterall yet extremely important! Chlorine is an excellent disinfectant but highly irritating towards human hair scalps. It actually sucks the sebum out of the hair shaft and your hair may become dry and brittle. There are also times that you may experience skin rashes and itches. There are modern types of filtered shower heads which contain different kinds of filters that definitely help minimize or remove too much chlorine and other mineral deposits.

  • Germanium Stones- makes the tap water feels like a natural spring like water, makes your hair feeling well hydrates.
  • Far Infra-Red Stones and Calcium Sulfite Stone- reduce chlorine, and mineral deposits which are the sources for damaged hair skin.


No matter what issues you’re having with your hair, you can fix them!  We just have to follow the basics of properly washing and drying your hair. So why does a good hair day matter? It is nice to know that it is actually a solution to our desire to look and feel good at any age, with so many uncertainties surrounding us in a complicated world.  Click here to shop for the Top Filtered Showerhead of 2017

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