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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the stones in The Shower Experience? 

Germanium Stone (Grey) : Change your tap water into natural spring like water, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.

Bakuhanseki ( 麦饭石 Red): Reduce water impurity, chlorine and bacteria which are the sources for damaged hair and dry skin.

Calcium Sulfite Stone (White ) : Releases negative ion, adjusting pH value of the water by neutralizing acidic levels in it. Beneficial to skin health.


Q. Is my current household hose compatible with The Shower Experience?

International Standard: The 2cm diameter connector is compatible with 99% of standard shower hoses on the market. Simply hook our showerhead to almost any bathroom hose and start enjoying your shower experience like never before.

Q. Does The Shower Experience come with a hose?

No. The Shower Experience is a standalone showerhead. Shower Hoses can be found in most departmental stores or gadget stores :)

Q. How long can I use The Shower Experience before I have to change the stones?

Actually you do not have to change the stones! However, the benefits of the stones will start to wear off after 6 months to 1 year usage. 

Q. Are you products cruelty-free?

Our products are absolutely cruelty-free! We also work closely with our partners and spend extra time to ensure safe and respectful working conditions that exclude child labor. So while we're proud of our affordability, we'll never cut costs at the expense of ethics.

Q. I am not satisfied with this product. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in our product. In any case where you are not satisfied with the product, simply send the item back to us and we will process your refund in full! ( Within 30 days ) 

Q. How will I avoid the water to leak or drip off on the shower head?

Before installing The Shower Experience, make sure that the shower head is properly assembled to avoid leaking or dripping of water on the shower head. There should be a white rubber ring inserted on the upper part of the shower head. The metal handle ring and the plastic handle should be tightened clockwise. Do the same at the lower part of the shower head.  This should work perfectly.

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