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Finding That Perfect Shower Experience


When you are so used to just taking a shower, you never really give much of importance of looking for something that gives you benefits. In this busy world, we can hardly take a notice of the littlest thing that are important especially when we use it every day.

People are unaware that they are just showering with plain water not knowing what it may cause them when they continue using ordinary old showers.

"The problem with that is that people do not often have a very good insight into their behavior because it is a habit and they may not be very aware of what they are actually doing," - Hilde Hendrickx, a behavioral scientist (Mark Kinver, 2011)




According to an article from Science News, researchers found increases in chloroform in study participants’ lungs of about 2.7ppb after a 10-minute shower. When you take a hot shower or bath, a byproduct of chlorine, chloroform is also inhaled. Warm water also further opens pores, so the combination of what your skin absorbs and your lungs inhale during a 10-minute shower is greater than the amount you would ingest drinking eight glasses of water from the same tap. (Kristen Michaelis, n.d.)

Are you having second thoughts already? You should.  

Showering is about three things: Hygiene, cultural acceptance, and personal preference



Know Your Shower

In terms of what works for you whether it’s aesthetics, function or price, you will benefit a lot from knowing what you’re choosing and why, that is if you are looking to buy a new shower head and want the best you can get. Most shower head may look the same but their functions are different and choosing a new one could be easy or challenging depending on what you are looking for in a shower head. Making shower heads important part of every modern bathroom.


  1. Walter Filtration Stones

Caring this much for the quality of the water you use for showers may not be important to some, but when you realize how chlorine affects your health, you might want to reconsider. The skin is our largest organ, we are polluting a great amount of cells and let chlorine within our blood while showering with chlorinated water. Although we cannot completely avoid this, but by opting for a shower head that includes chlorine elimination, you will be able to cut down on some of its damaging effects for good.

Filtering shower water is one simple and relatively inexpensive step that can make a big difference in reducing chlorine and other chemical exposure in the home. 


       2. Increase Pressure

Depending on your preferences, whether you want to feel a waterfall type of shower, or want to minimize water consumption, you may want to look into its pressures. The flow rate will determine which one can deliver more water.


      3. Water Savings

It is becoming harder and harder to find fresh water thus a water saving feature is one of the most recent novelties regarding shower heads. These kinds of shower heads have smaller holes, better pressure control and narrowed flow. So, aside from helping preserve water, it will also cut your bills.




How to Install Your Shower

  1. Unscrew old shower head from shower tube
  1. Install the shower experience with shower tube.
      3. Ready to use.

3 Important things you should know about your filtered shower



>Studies generally conclude that showers use more water than baths. A typical bath uses 30 to 50 gallons of water. A typical shower of 10 minutes uses 50 gallons of water.


Hoping this guide have helped you to better understand how to find the shower head that would fit your home and personality. Go ahead and share this guide to your family and friends!

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