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The Best Family Bonding Experience I Ever Had Was In A Toilet. Find Out Why!





Life as we know it is hectic and demanding. Our current lifestyle catching up with responsibilities, friends, family, and work almost takes away one of the most important factors of life, relationships. Once in a while, we want to take a break from everything and just breathe. Yes, I get it, you’re actually thinking about vacation, eating or drinking out, and just get away from it all. But, no.

What I want to tell you about is something that we may have neglected for years, and it actually helps us a lot in taking care of our worries EVERYDAY. Showering is my favorite part of the day; not only that I feel refreshed, it also feels like all my troubles of yesterday are washed away and you come out as a new person. Let me share why.

#1: Bonding with the kids

As a parent, I believe these are one of the times that we build an extraordinary closeness with them.

  • We get to empower them with independence like taking turns in showering your back Let them talk and tell you whatever comes to mind," says Michelle Morton, mompreneur and mom to three boys. "By letting them lead, you will get them to talk and open up more than if they think they are being questioned." (Grundy, 10 Simple Ways To Bond With Kids, 2011)

  • Time for story-telling creativity. "Share your favorite childhood memories with your son or daughter," says creativity expert and author Debbie Mancini-Wilson. (Grundy, 2011)

  • Together with the toys and bubbles, and just have fun! It’s a complex, personal experience that takes time. There's no enchantment equation and it can't be constrained


 #2: Showering with Partner Improves Intimacy

Sometimes due to a hectic schedule, we tend to forget or lose interest in romance often with our partners. "Showering together brings you closer as a couple in a way nothing else does — not even sleeping in the same bed. When couples shower together, it is as if they are sharing all aspects of themselves." (Batia, 2016)
Connection with them is vital especially when you’re both taking a shower because aside that the water is soothing it can also make people feel warm thus increases happy hormones. This helps both of you to open up more and break down barriers which create an unshakable bond between the two of you.

Intimacy doesn’t literally sum up for sexual relations. Having a more emotionally personal connection with a partner opens a deeper meaning in it. Allowing someone into an intimate part of who you are - means you allow yourself to open up and just be yourself with your partner.


 #3: Me-Time

As writer and photographer Susannah Conway said, “Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything.” (Margarita Tartakovsky, 2013) The foundation where everything starts is the relationship with ourselves. Showers have become our habit but it is also one of those times where we tend to self-meditate and connect emotionally to ourselves. It is significant to connect with ourselves first before we can even share it with others because we can only offer so much if we have it. When we have a healthy self-relationship we value ourselves as a person and welcome our strengths and weaknesses which are two sides of the same coin.




The best things in life are free, little did I know I can find them altogether in a toilet. They say “Save Water. Shower Together”. What better way to be a little more eco-friendly than to shower with your family and save a whole shower's worth of water a day?

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